macOS Sierra

These are the download links for all the macOS Sierra versions of our apps. They’re all free – I’ve removed all that serial number stuff. But gimme a break if I don’t get back to you quickly for support. It’s supposed to be a self-help thing. :)

Thanks for staying with us all these years, through thick and thin.


(PS: Documentation pages not ready yet. This is for all those who can’t wait). 


Luca is an accrual-based accounting system that runs on macOS Sierra. It can handle real-time double-entry postings and multiple currencies, yet we try to make it very easy to use, so that it will require minimal accounting knowledge to operate. It is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises.. 

Download Luca for Sierra (latest version is 8.0).


MailServe helps you set up a fully functional mail server on macOS that can:

• send outgoing mail
• receive incoming mail
• fetch mail from an ISP mail server
• filter out spam
• store all these on the server & and allow them to be read them from any mail client
• allow mail to be organised into folders and sub-folders
• authenticate users before they are allowed to send mail through the server
• encrypt mail coming in and out of the server using SSL

MailServe organises each of these tasks—from the simple to the complex—into discrete panels in its user interface. This allows the user to turn the mail services on one-by-one, and turn them off individually when they're not needed

Download MailServe for Sierra (latest version is 10.0.1). It contains the latest Dovecot release 2.2.25.


WebMon configures macOS' built-in web server to support server-side includes, execCGI, PHP, SSL (including support for inserting Intermediate CA certs) and WebDAV, for multiple domains running on the same server.

WebMon also helps you set up the web server so that you can monitor its log file from a remote machine. WebMon is able to help you monitor any number of web servers from a single remote machine.

Download Webmon for Sierra (latest version is 10.0.2). It includes the most up-to-date IP address-to-country mapping database, for when you’re monitoring your web server log to see which countries your hits are coming from. Also fixed a bug that caused WebDAV to stop working.

DNS Enabler

DNS Enabler can set up a fully-functioning Domain Name Server (DNS) on a plain macOS machine. It is designed to allow a user to set up domain name information quickly using a single window, in the fastest time.

DNS Enabler provides the interface to allow users to specify domain name-to-address mappings for machines on the Internet, as well as their aliases or MX records (e.g., which machines act as mail servers for the domain).

Additionally, it allows users to set the other domain and zone information, e.g., Time-To-Live Intervals, that determine how long these information remain valid.

It will automatically generate the named.conf file, the forward mapping files for each domain, the reverse mapping files for each network, and all the resource and reverse pointer records.

Download DNS Enabler for Sierra (latest version is 10.0.1). It includes the latest BIND 9.10.4 binary.

DNS Agent

DNS Agent helps keep a machine's dynamically assigned IP address sync’ed with its domain name always. Whenever the IP address changes, DNS Agent will update the DNS Server that is managing that machine's IP address-to-domain name mapping.

DNS Agent is able to update threekinds of DNS Servers – BIND name servers set up by DNS Enabler, or and servers.

Download DNS Agent for Sierra (latest version is 7.0.1).

VPN Enabler

There is a VPN Server built into every plain macOS machine, only it's not activated unless you know how to type in a lot of geeky commands and dive into a lot of configuration files. What VPN Enabler does is to do all that stuff for you in just three (OK, maybe four) steps and just one click.

VPN Enabler supports both L2TP and PPTP protocols.

Download VPN Enabler for Sierra (latest version is 4.0).


Liya helps you manage 3 database systems from the Mac – MySQL 5.x, PostgreSQL 9.x and SQLite3 - using one single interface. 

Download for Sierra (latest version is 4.0.2).

We have a new (properly signed) MySQL 5.7.9 Installer that will work with Sierra, which includes a new Sierra-compatible MySQL Pref Pane.

And a (properly signed) PostgreSQL 9.4.5 Installer for Sierra, with a Sierra-compatible PostgreSQL Pref Pane.

And our free iOS apps...


Use your iPhone to scan any printed page and WordScanner will lift the text off the page for you to paste into any other app. 1. Scan the page. 2. Crop the text. 3. OCR. 4. Switch to any other app and paste. It's that simple. WordScanner. Available free for on the iOS App Store.



Keep a list of books to read by scanning in their ISBN bar code numbers. The app will tell you where each book can be found in the Singapore National Library Board (NLB) system. Also, when you walk into any NLB branch library, the app will tell you which of the books in your to-read list can be found there, together with their call numbers, so you can quickly locate the book. BookNapper. Available free for on the iOS App Store.