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I’m still working on moving my apps over to El Capitan and testing them. And also improving them – because I do like the way Apple is going, improving the security of the system. Although it’ll be a pain to find ways around things that used to work but don’t anymore (e.g., anything OpenSSL-related, and you all know we can’t write anything to the System folder anymore, and a few other critical directories, the so-called “rootless” El Capitan), I like the idea of having a “self-healing” system, where Apple can patch OS X (and iOS) quickly, without our stuff getting in the way; so long as they still let us muck around with the other parts of the system, that is. It’s still Unix after all :)

So I’m looking forward to building on top of El Capitan. 

I list the apps I’ve gone through, changed, and tested and know will work on El Capitan, though I’m still making changes to them.

I’ll continue to make changes. For example, I want to bundle in the latest versions of Dovecot, Fetchmail, BIND and named, etc, but I’ve got to figure out how to build them against OpenSSL, which is no more in El Capitan. So, things may break…

Why do we do it ?

On Oct 5, 2015, cccLittle wrote about VPN Enabler:

hi there,

thank you very much for developing vpn enabler, it is the simplest app for vpn server i ever met.

On Sep 26, 2015, Johnny Perez wrote about DNS Enabler:

I just want to take the time to thank you for working on DNS Enabler. I have used it for years and it helps keep me 100% Mac at home without needing to use OSX Server.  

Thanks for your hard work and dedication to keeping this software alive and current.  

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Bernard Teo


"We used to dream about this stuff.
Now, we get to build it.
It's pretty neat.”


A full-featured, accrual-based double-entry accounting system. Not yet ready with an El Capitan-optiised version. Current version is on Mavericks.


MailServe for El Capitan. This is the initial release for those who can’t wait. I’m still working on upgrading the Dovecot and Fetchmail binaries, where possible.


WebMon for El Capitan. This is probably the most security-buzzword-compliant Apache2 configuration that I’ve done for years, short of having TLSv1.2 which Apple’s OpenSSL on El Capitan doesn’t support (that’s still at 0.9.8, but the good thing is that this “old” version of OpenSSL is actually the safer version – it’s not vulnerable to the HeartBleed thing). 

DNS Enabler

DNS Enabler for El Capitan. Needs a newer BIND binary but I’ll have to figure out how to link against OpenSSL, but Apple went to hide all the OpenSSL headers so I can’t do that now on El Capitan. Might have to build my own version of OpenSSL. 

DNS Agent

DNS Agent for El Capitan. I really love this little app (that I’ve built :). I spend entire days in the hospital now, looking after an aunt who’s sick. With a Huawei 4G dongle, my entire development environment, which is publicly accessible as monsoonbrew.com, simply moves with me. DNS Agent keeps my IPv4 address sync’ed to monsoonbrew.com every time I open up my MacBook Pro. I’ve done so much work on the move, thanks to this MBP, Huawei, 4G SIM card, and DNS Agent combo. New version 6.0.1 available.

We have 1-click MySQL 5.6.14 & PostgreSQL 9.3.0 database installers. These will work on El Capitan, too. Just click on their respective icons, above, to download.

For Mac OS X El Capitan, we have: MySQL 5.7.9 and PostgreSQL 9.4.5 Installers. Just click on their respective links to download.


We also have a MariaDB ver 5.5.33a installer that will work on El Capitan. Just click on the MariaDB badge, above, to download.

VPN Enabler

VPN Enabler sets up a VPN Server. 

I’ve got MSCHAP2 authentication working again on VPN Enabler on El Capitan. Download the latest 3.0.1 version here.


Liya helps you manage 3 database systems - MySQL 5.x, PostgreSQL 9.x and SQLite3 - using one single interface. Liya will still work on El Capitan. For Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite and now El Capitan. Also available at the Mac App Store, and the iOS App Store.

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Use your iPhone to scan any printed page and WordScanner will lift the text off the page for you to paste into any other app. 1. Scan the page. 2. Crop the text. 3. OCR. 4. Switch to any other app and paste. It's that simple. WordScanner. Available free for on the iOS App Store.



Keep a list of books to read by scanning in their ISBN bar code numbers. The app will tell you where each book can be found in the Singapore National Library Board (NLB) system. Also, when you walk into any NLB branch library, the app will tell you which of the books in your to-read list can be found there, together with their call numbers, so you can quickly locate the book. BookNapper. Available free for on the iOS App Store.