Singapore National Library Board (NLB) Book Availability Search, with Amazon Reviews 
Keep a list of books to read by scanning in their ISBN bar code numbers. The app will tell you where each book can be found in the NLB branch library system. Also, when you walk into an NLB branch library, the app will tell you which of the books in your to-read list can be found there, together with their call numbers, so you can quickly locate the book.

1. My Books
Categories of books.
2. Napped 
This list contains the to-read books. Click on the camera button to scan a book's bar code.
3. Book Detail
Contains three sub-tabs. Here you see a description of the book.
4. Book Detail 
Amazon reviews of the book, to help you decide if the books is worth reading.
5. Book Detail 
If the book is worth reading, then this is where you can find the book in the National Library.
6. Libraries
Click on each one to see which books among the to-read books can be found there.
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