Step 3 • Setting up POP3 and/or IMAP servers using Dovecot

The Dovecot Panel

Choose whether you want the Dovecot POP3 or IMAP or both servers to be turned on. Additionally, you can set custom port numbers but, for the start, leave them at the default values. Click the Start Dovecot button.

The POP3 and IMAP port status indicator lights will come on if the respective service has been successfully turned on. If you need to change the configuration later on, remember to click on the "Restart Dovecot" button to make it stick.

The Max UserIP Connections field allows Dovecot to control the number of concurrent connections a user can make to the server. The default is 30 but the administrator can increase it when it has multiple clients accessing the server from multiple devices.

Finally, there is a Custom Dovecot Settings field you can use to enter additional Dovecot paremeters on top of the ones set by MailServe.