RAIN. The Mac Way

This is a work in progress...

WebSite Management

This is a culmination of my wish list about what a web site management app has to do :

1. it has to allow the designer to create web pages easily and shape the way they look. 

2. it has to allow the writer to write without being derailed by the technology

3. the web pages, as they're being designed, have to look EXACTLY as the reader would see it. 

4. it must allow the designer to work with images with drag and drop simplicity. 

5. and the web pages, once created, must be easy to send to the "live" web server (with just one click). 

6. when changes are made, the system must know which ones have changed and only send the changes to the server.

7. the system must help the designer know which resources (images, zipped files, sound files, other web pages) are used by each web page.

8. the system must let the designer know which resources are no longer linked to any web page.

9. the system must let the designer know which resources are missing (lost and not accessible).

10. and finally, everything must work quickly or at least with reasonable speed, especially the uploading of the web pages to the web server, especially in coffee shops with slow internet connections.

WebPage Design

The left side is where you control the structure of the contents. You get a visual representation of the HTML DOM (document object model). The right side is where you edit the Style Sheet. You use both to control the apprearance of the web page.

Release History      

13th October 2022. RAIN 1.0 released

1st November 2022. 1.1.1 Bug fixes.