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Tue 04 Mar 2003

When Next We Rendezvous

Category : Technology/rendezvous.txt

For some Mac users, the command line certainly looks evil - /why/are/we/back/in/dos as someone puts it. But we have the best of both worlds. With BBEdit, I can do this from the command line :

[iBook:~] bbedit /etc/httpd/httpd.conf

It'll allow BBEdit to open a file that is normally hidden. This is the Apache Config file. It contains things that look like gibberish. But, with BBEdit, we're now in familiar Mac-like territory. I do a Search for "RegisterUserSite", and make the following changes :

# RegisterUserSite all-users
# RegisterDefaultSite
RegisterResource "The Ultimate Business Machine (Mirror)" /roadstead/weblog/

i.e., comment out the first two lines but add a third. What that does is to tell the Apache web server to list "The Ultimate Business Machine (Mirror)" in Safari's Rendezvous menu.

Now when I next meet with people, I can have a local copy of this weblog show up in everybody's Rendezvous menu in Safari, even if we have no Internet access. Neat.

Rendezvous Menu in Safari

(Credit : James Duncan Davidson's Weblog for this tip.)

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Page Sender

Category : Technology/pageSender.txt

While writing the previous weblog, I had a mail delivered from my server. It contained a fax in pdf format. Someone had faxed me something and my server took it and mailed it where I can pick it up. It's so convenient.

I had forgotten to include PageSender in the "Using Macs in Businesses" scenario. It works a lot more reliably than FaxSTF. And it's a lot better designed. This is another great productivity tool. I'll have to update that article.

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