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Sat 19 Apr 2003

The Disappearing DJ Music Cart

Category : Commentary/djcartdisappear.txt

"As I took my position with camera in hand and waited for the groom to make his entrance, I noticed a couple of guys off in a corner pew peering into an illuminated G4 PowerBook. You don't see TiBook-toting wedding attendees every day, so I made a mental note to find out later what they were up to." Derrick Story at O'Reilly MacDevCentre recounts when he realised a 1-inch PowerBook can make a DJ Music Cart brimming with CD's and hardware disappear into thin air.

There was a brilliant British mathematician around the time of the second world war, called Alan Turing, who described the workings of a machine (there was no technology to build it then) which, though by itself working on quite simple principles, e.g., using just ones and zeroes, could simulate the workings of any other machine in the world. This machine (the term "computer" then meant a human being who does some statistical calculations) was henceforth called the Universal Turing Machine. The computer, as we know it today, is a Turing Machine. So we shouldn't be surprised to see even more things made redundant in our lifetime.

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