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Tue 22 Apr 2003


Category : Commentary/justoneclick.txt

I've added the ability to produce an archival view of this weblog, organised by date of postings. This way, the default view of the weblog can be made shorter, with only 20 articles, so it'll load faster. The rest of the articles can be found in the archives.

I've now got an RSS feed, an archive, the ability to bookmark individual articles through permalinks, and the ability to read by categories.

And I still don't know, largely, how this weblog's program really works.

That's because I didn't write it, at least not originally. I just mangled a copy of PHPosxom, a weblog system written in PHP by Robert Daeley who, in turn, based it on Rael Dornfest's Blosxom, which was written in Perl.

What I wanted to do, that these original systems didn't allow me, was to encapsulate the programming code cleanly away from the code that determines how the weblog will look. This way, I can change the look very easily, say using GoLive, and still get the same set of features.

I think I can find time to show what I mean. I can add to Sendmail Enabler a feature to activate PHP in OS X's built-in web server so people can run a weblog. I can also use Sendmail Enabler to load in the weblog code plus, say, three different sets of looks they can adopt for their weblog. A customisable weblog with just one click.

I should call our company Just-1-Click Software.

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