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Mon 05 May 2003

SingNet Broadband May Support Mac Users, At Last

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I've got a note from SingNet saying that they plan to put in place official support for Mac users for their broadband plans in a week or two. It may be only for Mac OS X users who use the SpeedTouch Home Ethernet ADSL modem on SingNet's list of approved modems, but it's worth at least a start.

Until this happens, Mac users have had to live with often derisory support from SingNet's tech support. For example, the only approved modem for Mac users is a USB-based Eicon modem that costs almost S$400. Much cheaper Ethernet-based modems (e.g., the SpeedStream from Efficient Networks) already work very well with the Mac but they're not, as yet, officially supported.

I've been lobbying SingNet to make a change, for example by putting up this web page to show how easy it is to support Mac users (at least for those running OS X). I'm looking forward to getting their confirmation.

If I can cause this change to happen, it makes me wonder why the people who actually work for Apple hadn't already done so. I believe that companies like SingNet or DBS, etc., are not monolithic companies. While there are elements in the IT end, for example, who have an aversion to Macs for one reason or another, there are others in those companies who would love to get the business of the Mac users. They just don't want to have to work too hard to get it, which is fair when we're just a minority.

But the great point about the technology that is embedded into the Mac is that it makes Mac users so easy to support. If you can demonstrate to the service providers that the Mac user is so much easier to support than their normal PC user, you'll see that they'll want the Mac users' business. This was what I set out to show SingNet.

There is a sense of betrayal that the people who are paid to do the job, i.e. to market and sell the Mac, barely seem to try. Apple technology is great and this engenders almost fanatical support (and, dare I say it, love and affection) from among the legions of Mac users. To simply ride on this energy and just coast by can seem offensive and parasitical when compared to the lengths ordinary Mac users are willing to go to defend their choice of computing platform.

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