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Tue 24 Jun 2003

WWDC - Apple's World Wide Developers' Conference

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So, the G5 PowerMac is now a reality. But, for me, the two most significant items were these:

One. Apple is now almost free of Motorola. For years, Moto has kept Mac users down by dragging their feet on the PowerPC - almost out of spite, it seems, after Apple pulled the plug on its Mac clone operations. For me, it's hard not to question the sanity of a company which moved away from the Mac to standardise on Windows NT (like, "What's wrong with your own chip?"). So now it's "Welcome, IBM. Really." Your G5's are a god-send. Thanks.

Two. Xcode - because the better the development environment, the more useful the platform becomes. Let's see: it's Unix-based, so that should mean it'll allow access to all the Open Source tools. It seems to allow projects to be done concurrently by multiple developers, with the usual project management tools, like searches and indexing. And it still includes the graphical development tools, which I take to mean Project Builder and Interface Builder, albeit (hopefully) in a more evolved form. So, all in all, it looks good. Now, how do I get a preview copy? I'm ready to upgrade to Panther now.

When there's some new action on the Mac software development scene, I like to monitor James Duncan Davidson's weblog. He's always got something intelligent to say: look here and here.

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