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Wed 16 Jul 2003

Bluetooth will set you free (or, at least, I think so)

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I was so impressed with the potential of iSync that I swiped my wife's Sony Ericsson T68i, the one with Bluetooth built-in (she liked my Motorola V66 more anyway), and added a Bluetooth USB adaptor to my iBook.

Since I had my address book and calendar all set up on my iBook, it took less than five minutes to get them all transferred to the T68i. That's reaping the immediate benefit of iSync.

But there's more. Now that I've got Bluetooth, I'm able to send and receive SMS messages directly from my address book application. I know that I'm going to have a lot of use for this (in my other life hawking real estate), especially if I can figure out how to send to a group of numbers all at once.

Then there's the ability to use the T68i as a wireless modem to connect to the Internet. Now, wherever I am, I can read my mail (so long as I have the iBook and T68i with me, and that's most of the time). That's freedom.

I am still having trouble downloading pages to a web browser while using the Bluetooth modem connection. I need to fix this and I'd love to figure out, also, how to fax things out.

But I've seen the way Bluetooth on OS X had progressed since its first preview release (by scanning Google for past articles) and I can imagine that it'll quickly get even better (especially with fax capabilities built-in in Panther).

A final bonus : I downloaded a demo of the Salling Clicker (formerly known as the Sony Ericsson Clicker). What fun this is, controlling my Mac from my handphone. There's tremendous potential here. I'm sure I can figure out more use for it. I'm going to try Romeo (a free alternative) next. I want to know how everything works, yet life is so short.

Speaking of the Salling Clicker, I noticed that it had 26,000 downloads on versiontracker and 4,000 on MacUpdate, making about 30,000 in all. At $10 per copy, that's US$300,000 for Jonas Salling (its developer) minus expenses, since a year ot two ago. Great work, if you can get it. I don't understand all those technology writers, always parroting each other by questioning the viability of the Mac market. Maybe they're just not curious enough to go look and think for themselves for a change. Anyone remember "Lemmings"? Anyway, my Sendmail Enabler has reached 600 downloads. At $10 a pop, that's US$6000 for me. I can dream, can't I?

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