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Wed 31 Dec 2003

Being Buzzword-Compliant

Category : Technology/buzzwordcompliant.txt

Postfix Enabler 1.0.5 is out. Since last evening actually. I thought that was absolutely the silliest thing to do, if I want to enjoy the New Year holidays, in case there are some silly bugs, but the masochist in me won out. But, so far, it's been OK.

The new feature is, of course, the ability to turn on SMTP-AUTH for both the client and server portions of Postfix. Plus a couple of added conveniences, like the abilty to create SSL test certs with just one click.

Maybe, a couple more things to add, like the abilty to do the SASL authentication via PAM rather than SASLDB. (If anyone knows how to do this, I'd be happy to include it in an update). But I've now got the buzzword-compliant mail server that I've always wanted to have. Name it and it's got it - SMTP-AUTH, Cram-MD5 shared secrets, POP, IMAP, SMTP, all over SSL, TLS, client-side SMTP authetication, etc. But, it's really all due to the guys at Apple who gave us this nice Postfix binary.

This Steve Jobs-led Apple is, in some important ways, very different from the old Apple. It's quite like the old Microsoft, in its commitment to continuous incremental improvement (even while it makes quite dazzling breakthroughs on other fronts, like we always expect Apple to do). I think the best if yet to come.

Postfix Enabler is past the 500 downloads mark (for this version) at VersionTracker. It's funny how VersionTracker picked up this update. I studiously avoided it, preferring to announce it at MacUpdate and also at MacSharewareNet. But I've noticed, since the last update, that VersionTracker has a way of picking up these updates, even without being told, within a matter of minutes. That's what being competitive means.

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