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Tue 20 Jul 2004

Mac@Work Live

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Leon Chen of Apple's World Wide Developer Relations sent over these iMacs and a few other G4s. These iMacs are very nice because they're all G4s, have enough memory and hard disk space, and already have airport cards - they're all ready to do training on.

We're preparing our place to host developer training for Mac OS X, Java, Xserve, and all the other OS X technologies. We've found that the biggest drag about doing training is spending a whole day beforehand preparing all the training workstations, and then packing them back in the boxes at the end of the sessions. So we thought why not do it at our office where we have enough space, is conveniently located downtown, is easily accessible, and where we're also able to host seminars.

And, because of the projects and systems we're working on, we're able to set these systems up with good demos, ready to run, showing Oracle, MySQL, mail servers, web servers, Java servers, e-commerce applications, etc, all the things that could convince people that the Mac's a really powerful tool to use in the enterprise.

Sort of like Mac@Work Live, because we're really focused on getting the most out of the Mac, at work in the enterprise.

So that's another nice project to work on, together with the traveler's hostel project where we're going to use all the technologies that I've written about in these pages. If I could have chosen just two projects to work on at the beginning of the year, these would be it.

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