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Wed 11 Aug 2004


Category : Commentary/samizdat.txt

I read William Gibson's Disneyland with the Death Penalty and I feel I have a response to that. But people who come to these pages to get technical information about using Macs for businesses may not be all that interested in what I have to say.

So I'm going to put all my Singapore-related posts in a blog called Travelog that I created on, the website that I'm setting up for the traveler's hostel.

But I will say something about this blogging system that I'm using. I took this PHP port of Blosxom, which is called PHPosxom, and modified it to make it easy for me to change the look of the pages without touching the PHP code.

I'm benefiting from it now because it took me only a while to add a blog to Beds Central that fell in with the look of the rest of the pages on the site.

There are already a couple of interesting Singapore-related blogs have been created using it. If you look closely at Otterman Speaks and Habitat News, you will see that they are using a blog engine called Samizdat. Click Samizdat and you'll come back to the page where you can download my version of PHPosxom, which I'm sort of calling Samizdat.

My friend Siva is involved in creating both of the afore-mentioned blogs, which are about conservation and wildlife and natural history. He's also found a lot of interesting blogs written by Singaporeans that I wished I had noted. But I'm going to start collecting them now on Travelog.

The great thing about a weblog format is that I can take a subject matter, in this case my love for this place that is my home, and take my time to build a whole collection of stories around it, including links to that will show you a Singapore that is worth knowing, rather than the travesty conjured by William Gibson and people of his ilk.

I think the weblog format works. More than a year ago, on February 20th, I wrote about why I'm doing this weblog about the Mac, which I'm calling "The Ultimate Business Machine". I wrote about how "I'll put things on the side bar that people can try. Between the commentary here, and the reference/tutorials at the side, I hope to convey a feel for the power that is latent in the machines we have grown to love..."

If you've come over and enjoyed reading these pages, then you will agree that the idea works. I'm hoping that it'll do the same for Singapore. It's the least I can do to pay it back.

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