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Sat 16 Oct 2004

A New DNS Enabler

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I'm working on an "enhanced" version of DNS Enabler. I haven't worked on this for ages. But, for the upcoming OS X Developers' Seminar (for which, Leon Chen says, almost 50 people registered within the first hour), I'd like to create a local network using my Airport Express Base Station, and then allow people to interact with our demo using domain names rather than IP addresses. (... for people who've brought along their iBooks or PowerBooks or PC laptops, that is).

I've finished the interface (more or less) and was going to wire it up with the Unix shell scripts when I realised I've forgotten to bring home the picture I drew of which files go where in /var/named and how they should be configured.

Now, I drew that on a piece of paper but my first thought was to wish I could somehow just ssh (remote log-in) back to the office and pull that piece of paper back through the Internet and plonk it on my desk in front of me.

The fact that I could get so frustrated is a sign of how much my mind had wired itself to the idiom of the Internet. I've spent a lot of time drawing up the connections for just so I could move faster when I got to the Unix scripts. But I'll just have to work from memory. This part of a lazy Saturday afternoon, with my kid having a nap and the birds singing along outside, it's a great time to do some programming.

My friend, Hai Hwee, took one look at this yesterday and said, hey, we could be our own - especially since she's written her own code to update when we were having some problems with the DNSUpdate application. It's not quite so simple because I know just enough to build a little DNS system for a local network - to get around an earlier problem with the original Apple Airport Base Station. But it's set me thinking. Why not?

Anyway, I've noticed quite a few people downloading DNS Enabler. I found that surprising. I wouldn't have known until I started checking the web server log to see how my Address Book Plug-in had been doing. So, people are using it. And Sendmail Enabler continues to be downloaded a lot. I hadn't had PayPal payments coming in for Sendmail Enabler for a long time, so who would have thought? ;-) (And Luca, too. About once a day. Interesting.)

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