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Mon 23 May 2005

Postfix Enabler works with launchd

Category : Technology/PFEwithLaunchd.txt

I've got a new version of Postfix Enabler (version 1.1.6) that conforms to Tiger's new LaunchDaemons mechanism for launching system services.

Yet, it's still backwards-compatible with Panther.

Launchd is a very nice idea. It's a lot neater to work with (than the old pre-Tiger mechanisms). And I can now throw away that kludge I used to get POP and IMAP running after a reboot in 10.4.1.

It's worth it cleaning up the code to work with launchd. The Mac starts up so fast now. That's, I think, one of the objectives of launchd - to simplify and speed up the start up process.

And I can stop clashing with that org.postfix.master.plist entry for control over Postfix because I'm using it now myself.

This version continues to work with Panther. It does things the old way when it's on Panther. But when it finds itself on Tiger, it will use launchd.

But you'll need to use the Red Cross to re-enable the Enable Postfix button, so that you can click on it to get you over to launchd.

Also, in this version, there's the fix to the Postfix file that will allow a PowerBook to go to sleep when it's running Postfix.

Plus a few other fixes to cut down on support calls, e.g., the serial number field is now more forgiving if you leave spaces before or after the serial number. And the Enable SSL check-box won't be active until you have created the necessary SSL certificates.

I'll be testing it for maybe another day. If anybody needs it, please let me know.

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