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Wed 15 Feb 2006

MailServe supports Fetchmail in Multi-Drop Mode

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I've been working on this 2.0.7 release of MailServe which will configure Fetchmail to work in multi-drop mode. This is how MailServe's Fetchmail panel will look like :

For example, you may have all of your mail delivered to a single mailbox on, under an account named This account receives mail for,, etc.

What you want Fetchmail to do is to log into your account with your user name, node, and give your password, and get Fetchmail to download and split the mail into individual mailboxes - for annie, jack, etc - on your server machine.

Then these individual users will log onto your server, and read their mail via IMAP or POP, just as if their mail had been sent there all along.

Fetchmail does the job of splitting the mail into the individual mailboxes and the individual users can forget about the existence of the server. This way, you can consolidate the mail for all your users, from any number of ISP POP servers, into their POP or IMAP accounts on your own mail server.

MailServe, with this improved Fetchmail integration, will now allow people to do all that. I've just got to test it a little more and release it tomorrow.

And this MailServe update will also let the user save the current configuration, including the log records. You can save any number of configurations into MailServe's .msrv data files, and double-click on them from the Finder to open MailServe. It's great for swapping or backing up servers or sharing a working configuration as a template for a friend.

Also, I'm now able to issue the Start Fetchmail, Restart Fetchmail, and Stop Fetchmail commands, all from the same button. To Stop Fetchmail, the user just holds down the Option key and the button name changes to Stop Fetchmail. The button knows whether it should be Start Fetchmail, when Fetchmail is not running, or Restart Fetchmail, when Fetchmail is already running. The point is, I took some point to figure out how to detect modifier key presses that will change button state in Cocoa. But with that figured out, I can look forward to cutting down all the buttons that mess up the MailServe/Postfix Enabler interface to just one each for Postfix, POP, and IMAP.

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