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Thu 30 Mar 2006

Windows XP - Xtremely Painful

Category : Technology/XPWebDAV.txt

I've been trying to get Windows XP to work with the WebDAV folders created by WebMon. WebDAV works very well when accessed from the Mac's Finder, as well as from Windows 2000. But XP is a pain. I thought I had it solved and readied a version of WebMon to include support for XP :

But out of four people testing it, two are now OK but the other two still have problems acessing WebDAV from XP. So this is going to be held back.

The problem is that Windows XP has a broken WebDAV client implementation and we have to go through some hoops to get this to work. Even when it works, it still exhibits some ugly niggling issues. (Windows 2000 works, Windows XP is broken - so they seem to have gone backwards).

This gets me thinking about "Mac marginalisation" - the tendency of IT departments everywhere to ignore support for the Mac. Well, if they're working with Windows, it's no wonder they are always exhausted and have little time or interest in anything else. Throw Windows out of the window, and you free up a lot more space to do the more meaningful things in life.

Secondly, it's all about attitude. I don't care about Windows. But we do want to see things "just work", at least for the things within our control. So we'll just soldier on and see if we can find a breakthrough.

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XMail and other AppleScript OSAX's

Category : Technology/lestang.txt

Jean-Baptiste LE STANG wrote to me today about a problem authenticating with the SASLDB database, using the CRAM-MD5 mechanism that Postfix Enabler enabled, from an AppleScript OSAX (Scripting Addition) that he's writing.

This has since been resolved.

But he has an interesting site, with tools that some people who come to my site may also be interested in.

So, I point you on to : and hope you'll learn something new, as I have today.

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