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Sun 21 Jan 2007

Would you buy a business system from this guy?

Category : Commentary/ballmer.txt

Steve Ballmer, esteemed (not!) Microsoft CEO, poured scorn on the Apple iPhone, in his trade-mark whiny, grating voice. But why would any business, in its right mind, dare buy software from one so oily?

I remembered when Richard Ellis in Singapore threw away its mostly new, still productive Macs to go all-Windows, I was told, "because Bill Gates is so powerful".

But they ought to have watched this monkey dance. Somebody had taken leave of his senses ("Get up, get up, come on, give it up for me") :

There's an illness in the corporate world. A sickness of the mind ("But like Microsoft or not, the unsated appetite of this company is a testament to the ability and drive of the folks running the show. In business, like in war, half-measures don't make it. And when you go into battle, it helps if the true believers are in command." Huh?).

And not just the corporate world. The developers, too, who follow in Microsoft's wake - in Microsoft's own words, used as pawns. Now, who are the fanboys and who's sucked into the Reality Distortion Field. I can't believe they're actually applauding it :

How un-cool can you get?

Now this, by contrast, is cool. From John Siracusa, at FatBits. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

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Powered by Cutedge Software !

Category : Commentary/Platenspelers.txt

This is Klaas de Jong's web site :

Notice the Powered by Mac OS X and Cutedge Software logos? Of course, I love seeing these. Makes it all worth it doing this.

I would love it if more people tell me that their web site had been set up with the help of Cutedge software. There are examples, like this, because of the prior correspondence, but I couldn't be quite sure.

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