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Mon 18 Jun 2007

The Accounting Game : Basic Accounting Fresh from the Lemonade Stand

Category : Commentary/TheAccountingGame.txt

I was updating our feedback page (you know, the one containing The Mail We Love to Get) so that it'll also include the messages we've been getting about Luca, when I came across this reference to "The Accounting Game : Basic Accounting Fresh from the Lemonade Stand".

I have a reference to "Essentials of Accounting" by Robert N Anthony on the Luca page because that was the book that had finally helped me understand accounting enough to create an accounting application that an accountant would accept.

One of the ways I had meant Luca to be used is as an accounting system you could use interactively when you're reading the Robert Anthony book, entering the book examples into the system, and seeing the different views that result from the data - Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, etc.

But Paula Hay, who's been trying out Luca, has offered another book that looks really interesting :

"I do have another book I am using in just that way. It's called 'the Accounting Game' and it is based on a narrative of a little kid setting up a lemonade stand. It's put together almost like a comic book, perfect for super-newbies like me:"

Looks like a book I absolutely must read, next, judging from the Amazon reviews.

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Luca and Maven

Category : Technology/LucaAndMaven.txt

I've updated Luca and Maven.

Luca is just a minor bug fix. (Thanks to Sam Pipe for spotting and reporting it).

But Maven has just gotten more useful and, maybe, a lot more usable. Maven is like CocoaMySQL, except that it works with the three popular SQL database types - MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite3, and it tries to provide a common interface for a user to work across all three.

I've added the ability to create and delete databases, and to switch between databases. With this in place, I'm finally able to do what I've been wanting to do for a long time - to drag and drop tables and field structures between databases, and across database of different types.

It's quite fun to be able to do this now. I'm going to see if this is going to help me build deeper database functionality into Luca a lot faster from now on.

With this version, I've added the ability to create and drop indexes. including primary, unique and non-unique keys.

Things to do next - Drag and drop contents (not just the structure) between databases of different types. Need also to handle the setting and editing of Null, Non-Null values, default values, compound keys and other constraints.

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