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Tue 19 Jun 2007

Learn. Code. Repent.

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I know this guy. His name is Joe Goh. He developed FunkeeStory, an SMS/MMS backup/viewer for the Treo, which I don't use. But I'd seen his work. He's a craftsman. Quality befitting a Mac.

He wrote this switcher story about his trials and tribulations as an indie Mac developer. It's funny (in a laugh-till-it-hurts-real-bad way), and it's true. The story is told in Keynote. Who have thought to use Keynote in this clever, time-saving way? Here's a direct link to the pdf download. Over to you, Joe.

There's this one particular slide headlined, "Learn. Code. Repeat." Funny, I read the line, the first time, as "Learn. Code. Repent." Must be something subliminal.

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