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Wed 19 Sep 2007

Leopard Updates for September

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I've finally managed to get SASL authentication working again with Postfix on Leopard. After tearing my hair out over the last few months, I used up one of my Apple Developer "support incident" credits to get help. And it turns out that it was a bug after all. I received a patch from Apple and everything's well again.

I've got to steer clear of breaching my NDA, but here's a review of how well (or badly) I'm shaping up to support Leopard :

Fortunately, Luca and Maven (including my database access frameworks for MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL) already work on Leopard and I can put those aside now for a while.

But there's a slew of changes - all good - in the underpinnings of the OS (e.g., updated versions of all the good stuff, like Postfix, OpenLDAP, BIND, Apache, etc.) such that MailServe/Postfix Enabler, WebMon and DNS Enabler got all whacked out of shape.

But that's eventually for the good of the end-user and I think I've finally managed to recover all the things that used to work, i.e., every single feature working on Tiger will continue to work on Leopard, though things have changed underneath.

So, that was the hard stuff.

Yet, that's not to say, knowing Apple, that things will continue to work right on to the final release. I'll only believe it when I test everything again with the shrink-wrapped version of the OS.

Plus, my experience with releasing my applications when Tiger first shipped was that lots of unforeseen issues are going to crop up. Things that can break will break. With luck, the support that people are going to need may be, maybe, just short of horrendous.

So, while I have a glimmer in my eye about the things I'm looking forward to building with this nice new OS (not so nice, the new Finder, Desktop and the Dock, which are pretty gaudy and you can see the screen shots yourself on Apple's site), I'll be a bit defensive this time with the versions that'll be released when Leopard ships, and introduce the new stuff gradually when people are nicely bedded in.

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