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Mon 17 Aug 2009


Category : Technology/SnowSpam.txt

I think it's a good thing that I'm trying to run our live server on Snow Leopard (or at least the 10A432 release of Snow Leopard) because I've just discovered that the new spam filtering mechanism that I've built into MailServe is not working. It was working on Leopard.

So I'm now getting all the junk mail coming in again.

Something subtle had changed, but I don't yet know what, because there are half a dozen suspects.

It's one of those things that make going from one major OS release to the next such a pain for developers - especially if you're working, like me, on the innards of Unix in OS X.

It's always the smallest things that are the hardest to trace. Just one example - on Leopard, if you copy a file, the user and group access rights for the copy is set to that of the person doing the copying and the set-uid bits, if there are any, are cleared. But on Snow Leopard, the set-uid bits are left as they were. It's one small unobservable difference - but it'll smash up all your code (if they do things like making admin-level changes to config files) to bits.

That one took me a long time to spot and then to debug.

But for this new problem, I'll have to live with all the junk mail - until I can find a solution.

But, of course, it's way better to get hit now, then when I have many people using MailServe for Snow Leopard live.

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