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Thu 26 Jul 2012

Mountain Lion News

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I'll have Mountain Lion versions of DNS Enabler, DNS Agent and WebMon ready over the weekend. I'll need to test them again on the shipping version of Mountain Lion.

I'm having more problems with MailServe. I was using MailServe to test a more Apple-approved way of setting up the Mac's system files as a super-user, but I've realised that that way opens up more security holes than the one it replaced. So I'm scrambling to put everything back the way it was and only make another attempt when Mountain Lion stabilises. Also there is no Fetchmail in Mountain Lion. I'll have to build my own.

I'll probably have a working version of MailServe again, over this wekend, without Fetchmail, which I'll continue to work on the following week.

It's really too soon for Mountain Lion. As usual, Apple makes tons of changes in the system underneath. So many things break. So sometimes we have to run just to keep up, though it looks like we didn't move one bit. I was looking forward to building on top of Lion before we knew about Mountain Lion. I could do without all these changes. But no point complaining. Just have to get it done.

P.S.: I have a Mountain Lion version of Luca built. But I didn't like the way Luca Preferences work after a change I made. It's OK on SQLite database, but if you're accessing a MySQL or PostgreSQL database on a slow Internet connection, Luca Preferences takes too much time to come up. So I may want to fix this before I release it. Also, I was working on making Luca iCloud-aware, so you can stuff your SQLite LucaDB up to iCloud and access it (maybe, later this year) from the iPhone or, more likely, iPad. Haven't got this solved, as yet.

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  • BIND DNS Server
  • DNS Agent
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  • VPN Server
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  • PostgreSQL database

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