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Mon 03 Sep 2012

New Preference Panes for our SQL Databases

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I've wanted to be able to run both MySQL and MariaDB databases concurrently. So, since they both can't run on the same port 3306, which is the default for both, I need to be able to allow one of them to start up on an alternate port.

So, this is our new MariaDB Pref Pane. And I've changed the MySQL and PostgreSQL Preference panes to make them work the same way.


These Pref Panes are included in each of the respective SQL installers that we've built : MySQL_Installer_For_MacOSX, MariaDB_Installer_For_MacOSX, and PostgreSQL_Installer_For_MacOSX. 

I've tweaked the installers so they'll work well with the new Preference Panes.

Note: When you run MariaDB off a different port from MySQL, you also need to change the location of MariaDB's socket. Our Pref Pane does that for you (it creates a socket for MariaDB at /tmp/mariadb.sock so that it avoids clashing with MySQL's /tmp/mysql.sock). 

When you access MariaDB (or MySQL for that matter because they work exactly the same way) over localhost, the client doesn't use TCP ports. Instead the client and server connect over Unix sockets. 

So, if you have either MySQL or MariaDB running on a non-standard port, and you want to access it via localhost, you need a way to specify the non-standard socket location. 

This necessitates a change to Liya. So Liya 2.0.9 now has a feature whereby the user can specify the socket location, as shown below :


So, all in all, I've had a rather busy week.

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