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Wed 08 Sep 2021

MacOS Monterey

Category : Technology/Monterey.txt

If you're wondering if I have a version of MailServe ready for Monterey, I have news for you — I can't (yet) make Dovecot work with Monterey.

I think it's something Apple changed, related to setting entitlements for executables that need to do authentication or access system-level files.

Anyway, I don't have much information to find a fix at the moment. Dovecot just doesn't work on Monterey.

I barely got BIND/named working again on Monterey.

I hate this ritual every year, fixing things that worked but are now breaking all over the place. Last I heard, Monterey doesn't have PHP.

If we could have a stable OS to build on, we could make the Mac the best Unix platform ever. As it is, I wonder what Apple is thinking when it tries to make the Mac as closed as iOS. What if they released an OS and all the Unix people stayed away?

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