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Thu 27 Feb 2003

Are developers coming back to the Mac in droves?

Category : Commentary/developerdroves.txt

Back in the Amelio days, you're always reading about how developers are leaving the Mac platform like rats from a sinking ship. How about the reverse - when developers come back in droves? That somehow doesn't seem equally newsworthy. But the signs are there.

James Duncan Davidson reports on the audience interest after his talk at the Austin, Texas, Lone Star Software Symposium :

"The using Mac OS X talk went over well - it always does and I have so much fun when I give this talk. I had a good share of the total attendance of the symposium, people asked great questions, and the crowd left visibly more enthusiastic about the Mac as a platform than they were when they walked in.

"The subjects that really caught everybody's attention were Rendezvous and Cocoa. Programmers that grew up with Java and Windows development tools always drop their jaw when you show them the quick and efficient Interface Builder style of development. And they always ask the questions that I asked when I first played with IB: "Why hasn't any Java IDE or toolkit done the same kind of thing? Why wasn't Swing designed so that it would complement being developed using such a tool? Especially given that the concepts have been around for so long!""

Why, indeed? But the smart ones won't wait. Look for gems at Version Tracker (and laugh at the duds at Perversion Tracker).

Developer interest drives innovation and makes the platform as useful as it's ever going to be. This is a good thing.

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Zen and the Art of Weblog Maintenance

Category : Commentary/zen.txt

I don't know who reads this weblog. But I'm doing this as much for myself, as for others.

I think more people should try writing weblogs. It shouldn't be self-indulgent but should at least contain things that are worth people's time reading. You'll need discipline to keep to a subject matter. But that will enforce clarity in thinking. If, by writing a weblog one learns to think clearly, that will be its own reward.

Now, it's so hard to chase those ideas before they disappear, the last thing I want is to let technology get in my face. Once I'm done, a quick

rsync -tvr -e ssh /path/to/weblog/docs user@domain:/path/to/weblog

(triggered from BBEdit's menu) is all I need to get this on the weblog.

Looks ugly, but it keeps the weblog on the "real" server synchronised with the copy I have when I'm not on-line.

Reminds me of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. You can find beauty in technology.

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Category : Technology/Bluetooth.txt

Saw a couple of postings in Mean about using a T68i to control presentations on a Bluetooth-enabled Mac. That's why I monitor the discussions at Mean. It often throws up gems like these. The value is in knowing what had worked for others within the local setting - in our case, Singapore. There are people on the bleeding edge at Mean.

Digging deeper, I found this link from MacSurfer to TechnoHappyMeal - "OK, I admit it... I'm a Bluetooth junkie". It's a useful, concise survey of the current state of the art. Includes the link to the cool Sony Ericsson Clicker app referred to above. A killer app? Makes you want to buy both a T68i and the latest 12 inch PowerBook right away.

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