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Mon 11 Oct 2004

PacNet is so slowwww today

Category : Technology/pacnetslowDNSaddresses.txt

Seems like a day for short posts. PacNet users who are seeing a slow-down in web access to sites outside Singapore should add these two IP addresses into (and right at the top of) the DNS field of their Network Preferences set-up : and

Looks like they're having problems with their usual DNS servers. These alternate DNS servers help a whole lot. Just don't tell them you're using a Mac. If you're unlucky to get a PC-centric support person, that's the first thing these guys always think is wrong.

If you don't want to be thrown red herrings, always tell them you're using a PC and then translate their instructions into the equivalent (and often shorter) concepts on the Mac.

Though it's somewhat self-defeating in the sense that it will only confirm, in the minds of these PC-centric techies, that the world only consists of PC Windows users.

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Postfix Enabler and Tiger

Category : Technology/PostfixEnablerforTiger.txt

And I can confirm that Postfix Enabler doesn't (yet) work with Tiger. Just tried it. Seems like quite a few things to fix. I say it because I've been asked (a few times). I'm sure I can get it ready when that cat comes out to play. Enough of that T word, for now.

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Postfix and Software Update

Category : Technology/PostfixSoftwareUpdate.txt

I read elsewhere on the web that Postfix was updated by the latest Apple Software Update. But I've had no problems after doing the update.

So, if you're wondering whether your Postfix Enabled-mail server would go right on working through all the latest updates, have no fear. Just do it.

That's why it pays, as a strategy, to use as much as possible of what Apple puts into the system. Never try to replace things like Apache, PHP, Postfix, etc. with your own versions, if you can help it. You'll spend a lot less time fixing the system, and more time just using it.

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Postfix Enabler, IMAP and FetchMail - A How To

Category : Technology/IMAPandFetchmailAgain.txt

This is a follow-up to an earlier post about Postfix Enabler, IMAP and FetchMail.

To recap, if want to use Postfix Enabler to set up an IMAP server and then use Fetchmail to pull down mail from a variety of other servers (so that you can re-distribute them to all your IMAP clients in a consistent manner), here are some instructions on The JouleBlog that can send you on your way.

Matthew Hall writes The JouleBlog and he's sent me a permanent link to the article. I'm making a note of it here because I ought to try this someday. Thanks, Matthew.

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