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Tue 10 Nov 2009

Snow Leopard 10.6.2 and WebMon Snow 4.0.3

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Snow Leopard 10.6.2 is out but it brings with it a few problems that I have to solve in a hurry.

WebMon Snow was hit. I had just updated it to 4.0.2 but now I have a new 4.0.3 version out.

The problem is, the Apache web server in Snow Leopard 10.6.2 has been updated to version 2.2.13. With Apache 2.2.13, SSL only works for the primary domain.

Prior to 2.2.13, we can still turn on SSL for the secondary virtual domains (but, of course, the cert can only be associated with the primary domain).

But with 2.2.13, we cannot even turn on the Virtual Host directive for the secondary domains within the IfModule SSL_module block. If we do that, we get an "[error] Illegal attempt to re-initialise SSL for server (theoretically shouldn't happen!)" message.

WebMon Snow 4.0.3 has been updated to disable attempts to turn on SSL for secondary domains.

Other problems with 10.6.2 - I had some problems wth the Snow Leopard firewall - the SMTP port refused to accept connections. I had to Stop and the re-Start the firewall and also reboot the system once or twice to make the firewall work properly again.

I'm not sure about the other ports. I had to do things in a blur because my server was down for too long. Next time, I'd better do the OS X updates on a test server before doing in on the live server. But Apple had been quite good with the updates for quite a while. Getting lax.

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WebMon Snow 4.0.2

Category : Technology/WebMon4dot0dot2.txt

I've updated WebMon Snow to 4.0.2. WebMon Snow can now set up WebDAV folders for each and every domain, instead of only for the primary domain. However, WebDAV over SSL will only work for the primary domain.

I also fixed a problem where WebDAV folders appear to be read-only when the root folder for the domain is changed from the default "/Library/WebServer/Documents".

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