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Thu 10 Dec 2009

Maven for both Leopard and Snow Leopard

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The best thing about getting Hai Hwee back working with me full time on Luca and Maven is that both apps can get moving a lot faster again.

One immediate effect - she's done a separate build for Maven on Leopard (because I'm still getting people coming over looking for so we can keep the Snow Leopard-specific technolgies to Maven on Snow Leopard (

Then we'll go back to improving Luca with all the things we've thought of doing, like concurrent processing to take advantage of the multiple processors in our modern-day Macs, and concurrent database access with deadlock prevention for those people using Luca with MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Hai Hwee's Snow Leopard-native build for Luca is coming along quite well. And as we improve the database access code, we'll generalise them so that it'll work in Maven and, one day, we may be able to make the database access APIs that we use in Maven (to access three or even more different database systems with one common piece of code) available for other people to use.

And we'll make these database-access stuff work on the iPhone. I've had this working for a year now and I've faithfully kept that prototype working through all the stupid iPhone SDK updates that kept breaking it because I didn't have to energy to dive in further, until now.

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