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Fri 29 Dec 2006

Airport on MacBook Core 2 Duo

Category : Commentary/AirportExtreme80211g.txt

I was having terrible Airport reception from my MacBook Core 2 Duo, when accessing an Airport Extreme Base Station. The reception was poor, wasn't steady, often wavering, and it even lost connection entirely now and then. Applying the latest Airport Software Update didn't seem to have any effect.

Then I thought of switching the Airport Extreme Base Station to use only 802.11g with a multi-cast rate of 6. Now, changing the multi-cast rate was probably voodoo/superstition, because I don't quite understand the effect that was having, but using 802.11g exclusively seems to have fixed the problem for me.

I've got another broadband line with another base station on 802.11b, for my older iBook and PowerBook. Strangely, my MacBook had no problems whatsover attaching to this base station, which is built into a SpeedTouch modem/router, and works only on 802.11b. That was what gave me the idea of switching the Airport Extreme to work on only one setting rather than supporting both simultaneously.

Also, I couldn't have debugged my problems with PayPal yesterday without this other broadband line and the spare server that I've hooked up to it. I created a new PayPal account using my wife's email address and set up a domain that I own, called, and in a short while I was able to start making on-line payments to it. And that PayPal account is easily linked to a local bank account. So theoretically, I've shown I'm able to set up an on-line Internet business in minutes.

Now that I've got this set up, it allows me to see if I can package this payment processing system that we have into something more robust that other people can download and use. That's going to be one of the projects for next year.

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