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Sun 25 Jul 2010

Books & Co.

Category : Commentary/BooksAndCo.txt

I'm reading Bookstore - The Life & Times of Jeanette Watson and Books & Co. For a book lover, this is a book to savour, so I'm not rushing through it.

"It's odd to think that one can have ten thousand different books in a space, written by all of those different people, and nevertheless, by the choice of the books, the books represent something about the personality of the owner."

"I'm the oldest girl of five. My younger sisters are, in descending order, Olive, Lucinda, Susan, and Helen, and I have an older brother, Tom Watson III."

So there must have been a Thomas Watson the First and a Second - of course, of IBM. And I remember reading "Father, Son and Co." Good book.

"If the bookstore were going to continue, it would have to be totally changed, computerized, Internetted," Watson remarks - Jeanette Watson that is.

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