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Sun 16 Aug 2009

The brick in the wall

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Now that wasn't hard, right. That first post after a long long time.

It's like what I read in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, when Robert Pirsig was speaking as the protagonist, Phaedrus, who was teaching a student how to overcome a writer's block.

So he says, instead of writing about the whole street, you concentrate on just one house, say the church, and you think aboout the church and then its wall, and you pick a single brick in that whole wall to think about, and you start writing about that brick. And you notice the words will come, just now maybe a trickle, but now it's pouring forth, and you go with the flow, and that's how you get past that block.

Do it one step at a time.

It all started when I thought it would be nice to be able to update this weblog directly from my iPhone. That brought me from one thing to another - building our SQL frameworks so they'll be able to work on the iPhone, diversions into WebKit, building our Maven (which is a Cocoa MySQL-type tool) as a SQL front-end for the iPhone, etc. Then I got lost. And exhausted. And all the while Snow Leopard was looming. And then it all stopped. Log-jammed. Nothing was moving.

But it was a pretty nice place to be in - inactivity, serenity, bliss. While it lasted.

But I've got going again. Had been for quite a while. But it took this move to a new server to run Snow Leopard to get me writing again.

I still hadn't be able to update the weblog from the iPhone. But I'll come back to work on it after I've got everything - MailServe, DNS Enabler, WebMon, Luca and Maven - working properly on Snow Leopard.

P.S. : Wonder who's still reading all this.

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