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Thu 11 Sep 2003

Will IT see the light?

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Following on from the last posting. I just came across this. This is the CTO of InfoWorld, talking about how a Mac running OS X successfully replaced both a PC and a Linux server in the setup he has at his home, and how this experience has forced him to re-examine his preconceptions.

Contrast this with an article he wrote back in January, which is typical of the kind of IT mindset that has boxed the Mac into irrelevancy, as far as the enterprise is concerned.

It's like when you're sailing. Often the first inkling that the wind has changed comes from the tiny ripples around the boat. It's interesting to watch these events unfolding. Even as we're talking, many OS 9 users still have to be dragged kicking and screaming into OS X and Unix. So they're too busy grumbling to notice that the Mac is starting to get the respect they've always wished was there, so that they can get support they've always wanted.

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