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Tue 01 Feb 2005

Course Updates

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The registration window for the AppleScript Studio Course on 17th and 18th February has been closed. We're now informing the 20 successful applicants, 14 of whom have confirmed attendance. That leaves six places still to be confirmed. If, by tomorrow evening, there are still places left un-filled, we'll free them for the others in the queue.

What I enjoy most about doing this is watching Hai Hwee's course registration system at work. It's so fun, the interactivity - sending out the invitation, and watching the registrations come in almost immediately, sending out the notifications, and watching the confirmations coming in just as quickly - with all the database updates, web page generation, and e-mail notification done on-the-fly by the intelligence that Hai Hwee had built into the scripts.

That is the ghost in the machine - of the friendly type - intelligent agents that work for us while we sleep. That is what I really want to do for the rest of my life - finding businesses we can run that use our own technology.

While we're on this, there is a Java on Mac OS X Course on the 1st and 2nd of March 2005. Free. Sponsored by Apple World Wide Developer Relations. Somehow, picked up on it. I hadn't mentioned it in the weblog at all. But I might as well do so now. If you're interested in attending, please bookmark that page, and wait for the registration to be opened some time after Chinese New Year, next week.

Actually, February is going to get pretty busy. I'm doing a custom Objective-C and Cocoa Course for a group of people at Apple Singapore on the 23rd to 25th Feb. Out of this, I hope to create something more generalised that can serve as a (hopefully, interesting) introduction to the wonders of doing programming with Objective-C and Cocoa on Mac OS X. Hai Hwee has finished creating her SQLite Cocoa framework, and that's what I'll be able to incorporate into our courses to show database access from Obj-C.

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