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Wed 01 Dec 2004

The Geography of Thought

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I was re-reading that last sentence in that previous post - "But part of growing up is to accept life for what it is and just move along." That's so typically Asian isn't it? That's what we teach our kids. And bind us to that peasant of long ago, bent beneath the weeping willow, resigned to eternal cycles of flood and famine, and taxation from the Yellow Emperor.

But, switching back to our modern age, if that were so, why not throw it all in and accept the dominance of Windows? Surely, resistance is futile. Why spend so much effort trying to change things?

I've picked up a book called "The Geography of Thought". It's an interesting discussion about the ways Easterners and Westerners differ in their patterns of thought - and why we differ and how we came to be so.

But what if we're tending towards a new synthesis, an amalgam of west and east? It may not necessarily be better, being neither here nor there, and it's quite possible we may end up with all the worst from both cultures.

It's quite interesting reading this book, living in Singapore. We're at the cross-roads, subjected to such a hodge-podge of influences that we could go either way. Or neither, and find something uniquely our own, for better or for worse. That's what we're going to leave our children. Because of that, we ought to give it some thought.

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