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Mon 07 Jul 2008

Idle Distractions

Category : Commentary/IdleDistractions.txt

I'm supposed to be working on updates to DNS Enabler and WebMon for Leopard, but I'm distracted by the thought of having to update my weblog.

So why bother writing a weblog?

That's a thought I've had more than once.

Would I be more productive if I stop wasting time writing entries into this weblog? I probably would.

But anyway, now that I've got going, here's a thought -

Apple's WWDC has gotten bigger with each passing year. This year, it was even sold-out, which is supposed to be the first time that had ever happened. And, if you plot the trajectory, that's probably not going to be the last.

A particular dream of mine is that we have a conference for Mac developers, that is like WWDC, but where we don't have to fly so far to San Franciso, but that is held each year in a different city in Asia, like the way Siggraph holds its conference in a different city in the US each year.

So, since WWDC is so big, maybe we can spin off some of it into an Asian conference. Then we could have it one year in Singapore, then in Hong Kong, and then in Tokyo. And it need not be a major city. You can have it one year in a place like Hangzhou in China, which is actually, potentially, quite marvellous as a convention city, whether anyone else has realised that or not (and which would be quite a lot of fun getting to).

So, is there anyone else in the world who has a dream just like this?

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