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Wed 23 Apr 2008

Luca is going to be Leopard-only

Category : Commentary/Luca2dot6dot5.txt

I've found a problem with the last Luca release, version 2.6.4, which was crashing when run on OS X Tiger machines. It's not a logic error in the code. It's a problem with the latest iPhone-compatible Cocoa SDK (software development kit) that I am using.

I was telling the person who first reported the crashes that I don't believe it - Luca never crashes. So, it's been a bit of a disappointment, this drop-off in quality. Got to maintain the standard.

It seems like I can't now make this work on both Tiger and Leopard. If I try to keep the code that worked on Tiger, I can't compile it for Leopard. But if I replace the deprecated API calls with the ones that Leopard requires, the application will compile, run well on Leopard, but crash on Tiger. It's like between a rock and a hard place.

Luca is my last app that I've managed to make it work on both Leopard and Tiger, with one single code base. I may not be able to hold it together much longer. I plan to update Luca with all the nice new Leopard-only Cocoa features. And that will mean the end of the Tiger version because these stuff won't run on Tiger.

I've fixed the crashes on Tiger. But this latest 2.6.5 release of Luca will probably be the last version that will run on Tiger. Version 2.7.x onwards will be Leopard-only.

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