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Fri 09 Mar 2007

What's right about being a Mac fanatic?

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It's strucked me, while working on getting DNS Enabler, WebMon, and MailServe, etc, to work on Leopard, that the Mac user community gets a certain unique benefit, in terms of higher quality of software, when the Mac developers are themselves Mac fanatics.

Let me explain.

What we like most about Macs is that they just work. And, if you're so devoted to that idea, you come in with a very real appreciation for the pristine state in which the system is delivered. And, if you're a developer, you try very hard not to upset that state. Otherwise the Mac will stop being a Mac.

And that's what's happening when I'm trying, say, to get all the MaiServe features to work again on Leopard (some are broken; I'm still figuring why).

I try to determine absolutely the least amount of changes that I need to make to the system, to give the user the most in terms of the added capabilities, like POP or IMAP, or support for installing SSL certs without the sweat.

And I need to think ahead about how to restore the system to its pristine state, if at all possible, whenever the user chooses to de-install those capabilties.

And so, all these are hard to do. But, if you're a Mac fan, you can't see how it could work any other way.

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