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Mon 14 Apr 2003


Category : Commentary/SARS.txt

Due to SARS, I'm working quite a bit from home these days. I can do exactly the same things at home, as I could do at the office. There's maybe, at most, five seconds more delay when I update the server. But it's easy to forget where the server is and just get on with the work.

I'm thinking that this would have an impact on the real estate business. More people can and will work from their homes. It's an attractive idea - to convert a part of the home into some sort of a design studio (what the architects would call an atelier). So we need to think then about what sort of function the office ought to serve. I think there is a still a need for an office (if only for the interaction with other people); but we've got to give better reasons for people to want to work out of an office, beyond just being a place to go to.

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