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Thu 12 Jan 2006

Truth Will Out

Category : Commentary/TruthWillOut.txt

"One way or another, in spite of all efforts to conceal it, the truth will come to be known."
     - The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition. 2002.

From the comments page in Blackfriars' rebuttal of Clayton Christensen's "Apple will fail again" interview : Now if we could just convince people to stop repeating that old saw, "Apple lost the computer market to Microsoft because standards eclipsed Apple's proprietary technology." It just ain't so.

The world may be starting to come round to this idea.

In Business Week : "... some management experts say it may be time to rethink that view. Sticking to its proprietary approach [Apple] has succeeded wildly, at least in digital music. Even in computers, Steve Jobs's strategy has its advantages."

For years, management consultants had dispensed advice that resulted in wholesale dumping of perfectly usable Macintoshes on the back of such "proprietary architecture" arguments. I've always felt that one day the truth will out.

But, then, what a waste. And the time we've lost to use computers creatively.

For years, also, my standard way of judging whether a management book is worth reading is to go to the index, look up Apple or Macintosh and read what the author has to say. If it repeats the "old saw", it goes back to the shelf. What else can I learn from so small a mind?

Now, even Microsoft may be forced to consider building their own machines :

"Microsoft will decide to develop its own digital media hardware that's hard-wired to work with its software to provide iPod-like ease-of-use -- much as the software king did in the game console market with the Xbox. So PC makers should get started developing their own proprietary systems."

Bring them on. Lure them to a terrain, not of their own, and watch a bloodbath. That would only be the best revenge.

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