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Fri 30 May 2003

Creating a Community

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I wrote this weblog because I really had a hard time finding other people interested in the things I had written about here - technology and innovation, building a business, systems thinking, art and design, and of course the Mac. I've always felt the Mac was central to making this particular combination work. And part of the purpose of writing this weblog was to describe how life can get a bit more interesting when you start making these connections.

I've attended Mac Users' Group meetings (in the days of Lynette Herbert), monitored the discussions at Mean, and also the Mac Users' Group forums - all to no avail. They're usually about the latest gadgets, configuring stuff, etc. And I'm more like the pianist who doesn't want to spend any more time than is necessary peeking inside the piano.

So I wrote this weblog to see if I can find other people of a like mind. Sort of like, build it and hope people will come. If you've come back regularly to read this weblog, it may be because you're looking for the same thing, Windows users included.

So why not connect? You never know where that might lead. Write in, Join the dialogue. Ask questions about MySQL, running an IT project, making Mac and Windows work together, books to read, etc... And maybe, just maybe, end up helping to create a unique community.

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