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Fri 12 Sep 2003

Yet another PC Guy goes Mac

Category : Commentary/computerworldguygoesmac.txt

From InfoWorld to ComputerWorld, yet another PC guy goes Mac. The thing about these conversions is that these are probably the guys who were most vociferously anti-Mac in the days of OS 9. How can I tell? Well, the first thing he recommends you do is to activate the OS X firewall. After all, he found the Mac after a search for an easy to use and secure operating system. And he writes a book, "Securing the Network from Malicious Code."

The first thing a real Mac user does, in the days of OS 9, is to create a printed page and experiment with all the fonts and the layout, and dream about impressing the boss or the client with all the printed stuff, viruses and hackers be damned. But try to get another Mac into the department? Not if the IT guy can help it. I've gone through all these fights.

Come on, Apple. Play the game well. You're going to get a stab at the huge enterprise market. Just don't lose it this time. It may be your last.

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