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Tue 18 May 2004

Teach Yourself Accounting

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This is the best book that I know of, if you need to teach yourself about accounting principles, concepts, and terminology very quickly. It's called, "Essentials of Accounting" by Robert N. Anthony. Read the reviews and you'll get a very good feel for what this book is about.

Accounting may seem like a dry, boring subject but this book works very well if you have the desire the learn, have very limited time, and have zero prior knowledge of accounting. And it's a surprisingly enjoyable read, too. You feel like you're being guided by a calm, sure, steady hand.

When I was going through the book many years ago, I wished I could have worked through the many examples (that the author provided) on an actual accounting system. Well, you could use something I didn't have then - Luca.

I believe that a good working knowledge of accounting principles is one of the most important skills that anybody involved in running a business has to have.

If you can operate an accounting system which, say, has extended features to manage payroll, inventory, and time billing; and you get utilties to set up a mail server and a few other Internet services, so long as you have a broadband line. All these, together with, say, Microsoft Office or AppleWorks - would it be enough to help anybody set up and run a business on the Mac? Of course, you'll need to supply your own business acumen. But we're on the way to putting all these together for our own use. If you'd like to share it, be our guest.

I wrote an article more than a year ago, "A Mac Business Scenario" (which you can find on the right side-bar) and, at that point, I was still turning on the mail server by hand using the command line. By now, I've done Postfix Enabler, and DNS Enabler, and we've gotten our accounting system up on OS X (as I had hoped for), and I keep going back to this article to see how else we can make it easier for other people to turn on all the things I talked about in the scenario. It's getting to be like a manifesto.

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