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Mon 25 Apr 2005

Flu bug - with love from Shanghai

Category : Commentary/flubug.txt

I've been been down with flu ever since I got back from Shanghai. In a place where people spit on the floor within two feet of you in a restaurant, I guess that's to be factored into as a travel risk.

But I shouldn't be complaining. I had a really great time there. You go to each place to learn - about all its idiosyncrasies, about why it is what it is, and all that adds to your world view. Otherwise don't go anywhere.

I really hate it when foreigners gripe about Singapore, especially the very ones that Singapore welcome as "foreign talent". Instead of criticising, try understanding. Don't do unto others, etc...

This is the world's most populous nation on the move. Gucci, Calvin Klein, Prada. Surely this is not the face of communism. How did it get to here? There's a fantastic energy about the place. I came back and found this book in the library - "Big Dragon - The future of China: What it means for business, the economy, and the global order" by Daniel Burstein and Arne de Keijzer. Been quite interesting reading...

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