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Fri 21 Jan 2005

Follow Your Dreams

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Bruce Whitred came down all the way from Japan to sit with me through an AppleScript Studio Course at Apple Singapore. (In the picture below, I had asked Hai Hwee, who knows some Japanese, to come along and show Bruce how to do English-to-Japanese localisation using AppleGlot.)

Actually, at the end of the two-day course yesterday, I realised that it was really my privilege to have met up with Bruce, who's a most interesting guy. is his website and this was what he told me when we first corresponded, which I reproduce below because I feel you really ought to hear him in his own voice :

Regarding the home page, I really must get it set up in English, sorry. It`s probably hard to understand the concept without reading it but one of my dreams is to inspire people to be the best they can be. Hence our company`s slogan "Follow your Dreams". To that end, I decided four years ago to try something out of my normal sphere of activity to inspire others. So with everyone saying I couldn`t possibly do it (having had no experience with running) I set off to run 3,100 km over 4 months from the northern tip of Japan to the island of Okinawa in the south.

My degree was in bio-resource engineering though I found quickly that my true love was with education, computers and challenging people to take control of their life more like an artist or writer would develop something beautiful out of an idea and effort. The street performances were originally added into my motivational speeches to jolt people into seeing themselves and their potential beyond the limited framework of what they do now.

I believe things happen for a reason. Talking to Bruce did jolt me out of a rut I had got into lately. We really ought to be glad we're alive. Living life to the full, stretching ourselves to meet our potential, believing that anything is possible - if we set the goal, put in the effort, and work out the process to get there. I watched Bruce grope around with the key concepts on the first day, clicked into gear at the start of the second, and then accelerate as his understanding took root at the end of the day. This is a guy who can prove that the idea works. I think I learnt more than I had taught.

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