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Tue 15 Apr 2003

The Multiple-Mac Household

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We've got three Macs at home, one for each of us - I work on an iBook, my wife uses a Tibook, and our kid uses an old Graphite iMac (which doubles as a back-up server) just for fun.

I'm just reading how the multiple-PC household is driving a dramatic growth in wireless home networking. This is Apple's sweet spot, where the whole of its offerings is so much greater than the sum of its parts. Imagine the components - the portability of the PowerBook, the beauty of its design with the Apple logo nicely lit in a dim light, the little touches that makes even a kid want to anthropomorphise a mere machine (my kid calls his iMac Gilbert after the cat in the Caillou kid show).

And I can't imagine anyone wanting to use anything less than the Airport Base Station in the home. Trade a slick milky-white compact beauty (that always looks just about to take off) with a black, clunky, antenna-sticking-all-over-the-place contraption? No way. You are your own IT department at home, so choose the best. It need not cost more, you know.

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