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Mon 28 Jul 2003

Turning Night to Day

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I'm reaching a point where I'm aware that sleep is just a nap we take at night. Late in the night, when mails start coming in about Sendmail Enabler, I make a mental note that it is quite likely that the day has just begun for the sender. So I avoid writing a reply. There's an impedance mismatch here (like we used to say when we mixed and matched our stereo systems). I'm out of juice and these guys are just raring to go.

So you go to sleep, knowing that it's daylight where these people (who have somehow intersected with your life) are.

And just last night I was working on a Mac 5000 km away like it was sitting right in front of me. I was thinking, Unix is good.

And I think we must be the first generation in the history of the world to ever work on this scale.

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