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Fri 23 Sep 2005

Ora et Labora

Category : Commentary/oraetlabora.txt

Talking about a labour of love.

The corner shophouse had been vacant for a while. I passed it this afternoon. I've been seeing people moving in. Now they're putting a new coat of paint. They looked Japanese or mainland Chinese, but I recognised neither in their speech. So I asked. The lady said they're Koreans. They're starting a Korean bakery. I said, that sounds like fun.

Tonight, I was coming back after driving Hai Hwee home and saw them, still working.

The place was well lit and the lady was sitting on a stool, while the guys were putting up the partitions. Cream coloured plastering. Nice. They're still hard at work. The lady looks like she's seeing exactly how the bakery will look and willing it into being.

And I was thinking, please God, please don't be cruel with them. So much hope. And optimism. I hope they don't get disappointed.

Ora et Labora. That was the motto of the school I went to. Work and Pray. Or, more accurately, Pray and Work. I think I understand so much better now what that all means.

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