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Sat 24 Apr 2004

Roadstead Domain Down

Category : Commentary/roadstead.txt

Sorry for the loss of service, if you're trying to get here via the domain name. The domain name is still active, fortunately.

The problem was that I forgot to update the billing/admin contact information, etc, for, so I didn't get the renewal warning (I'm sure they would have sent that out). And I didn't set it to auto-renew.

But that's been fixed and it'll probably get cleared in the next few hours as it propagates through the domain name system.

I didn't set the domain to auto-renew because I thought of dropping the domain and concentrate everything on was just a fun thing I did with the Mac-related stuff that I put up. I wouldn't have known, a year ago, that it would get to this state where it would be noticed if it were to be brought down. Maybe I need to re-think that.

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